Friday, June 16, 2017

About Compulsions

I’ve searched for the truths of human psychology ever since I can remember. After a lifetime of experimenting with others, and thousands of interactions with people willing enough to reveal to me the dark secrets of their lives – secrets which we all hold – I’ve written a book that is true to the vulnerabilities that have been shared with me, and that I have shared with others.
My new book is here: Compulsions
Nothing pleases me more than how this novel turned out, and I’m excited to finally expose it to all of you. But before I go on, I’d like to leave you with a quote to keep in mind that is commonly referred to within the writing and psychology communities, and that quote is this:
“You don’t have to suffer to show suffering.” – David Lynch
After much experience with small pockets of society that indulge in some of the darker sides of life, I’m eager to share my insight through the guise of my characters. If you’re like me – an individual fascinated by humanity, the stories we tell and their reflections of the good and sometimes inconceivably bad elements of human nature, then this book is for you.
In the pages of this novel, nothing is censored. In this story, we follow Xavier Andrieu on his life after winning the Kinsley award in literature; an award given only to the most essential creators of his time. But for a man who views the world through a glass veil, the news of his success only propels him further into his nihilistic view of the world. Incapable of feeling anything at all, he thrusts himself into a path of blinding destruction, indulging in the most gruesome forms of violence with a man who reminds him of his first love, Amelia.
Compulsions reads unlike any other horror novel, with a glassy first person tone that represents Xavier’s cold, detached insanity and shines a light on his relationship between indifference and obsession.

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